How much costs some unknown quantity of the product, if we know the price for other quantity? Let’s calculate the price for the volume B in proportion to the known value of the volume A.

Calculator of proportions:

Calculation accuracy:
Decimal places: 2

How much costs 800 kilogram when it’s known that bag 14 kg costs ¢88? What is the price for 0.5 liter bottle of vodka, if 0.7 liter bottle costs $12.53? Or maybe you can quickly tell the cost of half liter of 40° vodka, if the government regulated minimum retail price per liter of 100% alcohol is $44.75?

Это калькулятор пропорций. При вычислении прямой пропорции вычисляет неизвестное из соотношения:
Volume A = Volume B
Price for Volume A Price for Volume B
Также может вычислить обратную пропорцию:
Price for Volume A = Price for Volume B
Volume A Volume B
Formula for calculating proportion: 
Price B = Price A × Volume B
Volume A
Формула расчёта обратной пропорции: 
Volume B = Volume A × Price A
Price B

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