Logo Calculium is a web application for several types of calculations. Counts percents, proportions and VAT. Over time, there will be other types of calculations. (But it’s not exactly.)

Фото автора The author of Calculium is Aleksey Kuznietsov (or Oleksii Kuznietsov as my name transliterated in the official ID). This is my hobby project, which appeared almost by accident in early 2019, while studying the features of the front-end framework Bootstrap. I’ve been a web programmer since 1998, have been doing responsive websites since about 2010, and have been doing quite a long time without standard CSS frameworks, having a collection of my own groundworks. But suddenly, I decided to catch up to write more “standard” and easier reusable code. Initially, this web application was my private playground, a testing ground for classic open-source front-end tools. First of all, Bootstrap (but also for FontAwesome, Leaflet, etc.) Perhaps in time, Calculium will grow to full featured live project.

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